(LAST updated 3/20/2019)


Dear Specialized Rider,

Your safety is our top priority. Whenever something happens that may compromise your safety, we take immediate action.

Based upon reports from the field, the steerer tube collar on select Roubaix, Ruby, Diverge, and Sirrus bicycles may be susceptible to stress corrosion cracking. When that happens, it may result in a sudden loss of steering control while riding.

Click here to view a list of affected models by Model Year.

We are voluntary recalling the steerer tube collars on these bicycles and are replacing them with a new, improved collar which, together with an adjustment to the torque setting, will significantly improve the collar’s resistance to stress corrosion cracking. We have reported the matter to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and are working closely with them on a press release announcing the recall shortly.

Please stop riding your bicycle immediately and visit your local Authorized Specialized Retailer to have a new steerer tube collar installed, at no cost to you.

We wish to apologize for this inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Thank you for riding Specialized.

Jon Goulet

Director, Global Quality and Rider Care

recall details

Specialized is voluntarily recalling the steerer tube collar on select Roubaix, Ruby, Diverge, and Sirrus bicycles. This recall is done in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”). For specifics on the nature of the recall please read Specialized's Safety Notice. 

The steerer tube collar may be susceptible to stress corrosion cracking which may result in a sudden loss of steering control.

If you own a Specialized Roubaix, Ruby, Diverge, and/or Sirrus bike equipped with a Future Shock, it is recommended you stop using your bike immediately.

Specialized will be providing us with replacement collars to replace the affected part on your bike and our goal is to get you back to riding as soon as possible. We have not yet received these, but we anticipate getting them soon.

Click the link below to view a rider notice from Specialized.

*We’ve released more appointments as of March 20, 2019. Schedule your appointment below.


We will be replacing the affected part in 30 minute appointments. Please note that these scheduled appointments only accommodate time for this one adjustment. Below are some FAQs about your appointment.

I need other service on my bicycle in addition to the collar replacement. Can I schedule both?
Please call 425-883-7544 to schedule a longer appointment.

How should I prepare for the appointment?
Please bring your bicycle to the scheduled appointment, and plan to wait at the shop until the service is completed. We will replace the collar on your bicycle and you will be back on the road again!

What information do you need from me to complete the recall appointment?
When making your appointment, please provide us your bike model (ex. Diverge, Roubaix, Ruby, or Sirrus), and your bike serial number. It is often located on the underside of the bottom bracket and typically starts with ‘WSBC’.

What will the replacement cost?
The replacement collar and the corresponding labor are FREE of charge.

Is there anything else I should know?
While we must reiterate that Specialized recommends not riding your bicycle until the collar is replaced, we have neither seen or heard of any issues until the recall was announced days ago. Because this is a global recall and the quantity of the replacement parts is going to be scarce, please take an honest assessment of your riding schedule the next few weeks. If you are not going to be using your bike until spring, consider waiting a few weeks to book your appointment.

All appointments are booked. How can I get an appointment?
We will be releasing additional appointments as we receive more replacement parts. Keep checking back to make your appointment.