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Thanks for your interest in our boot fitting services! We have turned off the appointment calendar for the Spring/SUmmer but you can email us at to schedule an appointment! 

Ski & Snowboard Boot Fitting


Every foot deserves a customized ski boot experience. In addition to offering the best boots for skiers of all abilities, we customize every boot we sell to create a comfortable on-mountain experience. Didn't buy your boot from us? It's okay, we'll still make sure your feet don't hurt!

Edge & Spoke can create a fully customized boot that is comfortable and will enhance your skiing performance. We utilize cutting edge footbed technology and the latest alignment techniques – a better fitting boot is just a step away! Ask us for more information.

Boot fitting on a customer


Some boot models fit wide, others fit narrow. Some have a low volume cuff, while others can accommodate more muscle. Whatever the shape of your foot, we will find the right boot for you.


Because every foot is unique, most people will need some minor modifications to achieve perfect comfort. Using our skill and the latest high performance tools, we are able to shape the boot perfectly to match your foot.

Ski boots on display


Effective skiing is dependent on the proper positioning of the body’s kinetic chain. Improper knee alignment makes turning more difficult and can cause pain. Let us analyze your stance and correct your alignment by canting the soles of your boots. You will be amazed at how your skiing will improve.


Footbeds are critical to comfort and control in your ski boots. A custom footbed fills the voids under the foot, supporting the arch and preventing it from collapsing. Footbeds also facilitate proprioception, which reduces the skier’s reaction time, improves balance, and reduces fatigue. The end result is unparalleled comfort and improved edge control.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Ready to find the boots that will support you through all of your winter adventures? We have an excellent selection from top brands, and we're here to ensure that your boots are the perfect fit. 

Contact us to discuss your boot fitting today.